Monday, June 16, 2008

Saint Andrew's

Saint Andrew's, Blackley

IBIS Roofing have recently completed some work at Saint Andrew's in Blackley. Situated within a conservation area, the site is a wonderful amalgamation of church, parish hall, and rectory - all linked by a corridor. Built in the latter half of the C19th there are some wonderful detailed touches to the roof including patterned and coloured slates.

"The site is a wonderful amalgamation of church, parish hall and rectory."

IBIS were asked to provide guidance on the refurbishment of the parish hall and also carry out some diagnostic work on a leak in the south aisle. The resulting work included a full refurbishment of the parish hall;

a strip back diagnostic of the south aisle;

a full refurbishment of an outbuilding;

and replacement of flashings to the west end parapet gable.

A conservation plan was produced which took on board the special nature of the buildings including advice on protecting the decorative details and preserving as much of the original fabric as possible.

The conservation plan was fed into the site management process to ensure that all were aware of the issues with such a sensitive historic building.

It was decided to split the project up into different phases and phase the scaffolding accordingly so as to reduce the risk of vandalism. IBIS ensured that an assessment of fixing places for the scaffolding allowed for minimum intervention and did not damage the integrity of the building in any way. Yellow end caps were used on all posts facing the facade and Harris fencing was used around the bottom of the scaffolding.

IBIS ensure that their personnel have an understanding of the historic nature of the building prior to work start and therefore they 'connect' with the project.

Mark Holden and Rick Morgan measure out lines for striking the perpendiculars

The project was an outstanding success which finished on time and within specification.

The Parish Hall complete with new roof

Saint Andrew's is a wonderful example of late Victorian architecture

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