Sunday, March 26, 2006

A Rare Breed

Paul Duckworth (right) receiving his prestigious Skillbuild award (see below for more details)

Based in Rochdale, IBIS Roofing has been established for over 20 years, and works in the traditional roofing sectors, as well as emerging sectors such as Polyroof glass fibre roof coverings. IBIS has recently completed a business plan, which has focuesed its energy upon the traditional and heritage based market. This has resulted in a steady and planned growth in business.

The first step occurred three years ago when IBIS developed a training plan which had an end purpose of a highly skilled and loyal workforce. The decision was made through a genuine concern for our built environment and blatant lack of basic skills in the industry in general. Increase in skills has lead to an increase in new market sectors. IBIS are now members of the prestigious Lead Contractors Association.

Bob Wall (MD) continues: ' We are lucky in that our concern for our local heritage, which is being eroded away because of a lack of understanding, knowledge and skills; lies hand in hand with perfectly good business sense in developing your workforce to the highest level. We are a rare breed.'

This 'perfectly good busines sense' not only has financial rewards. In October 2005 IBIS gained the prestigious Investors in People Award, as well as the remarkable achievement of winning the National Skillbuild Competition (Roofing Section) with its specialist roofer Paul Duckworth.

Next year IBIS will represent the UK in the World Skillbuild Competition in Poland.

A rare breed indeed...


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