Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Blackpool Rocks!

Take your attention away from the bright lights of the promenade and walk through the hinterland of Blackpool and you are in for a rich architectural experience. There is a wonderful variety of Victorian and Edwardian architecture all vying aesthetically for your attention.

Common features abound. One such feature are the corner turrets and domes which can be seen often along the streetscape.

IBIS were asked to replace the ageing lead on such a dome in the south of the town. The owner was very pragmatic and had an understanding of the significance of the dome and its relationship with lead sheet metal. Some think that it might have been easier to replace the lead with a felt or bituminous substance and of course, the initial cost might support this idea. But, and it is a big BUT - the long term cost of covering the roof in lead sheet metal is much cheaper. This is because the owner can now probably forget about the roof for the rest of his life! If a cheaper substitute had been used then it would have required replacing every few years or so.

On top of this the owner has the satisfaction of helping raise the architectural quality of the streetscape and constantly has in view the sheer beauty of lead sheet metal. It sets the building apart and continues a historic tradition which is second to none.

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