Tuesday, May 23, 2006

IBIS at Heritage Skills Weekend

IBIS (along with North West Lead) took part in a Heritage Skills Weekend at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire.

The event was organised by the National Heritage Training Group. IBIS were there on behalf of the Lead Contractors Association who campaign endlessly for raising the training, standards and awareness of lead craftmanship throughout the country.

Over the weekend IBIS gave demonstrations of lead bossing and installation of roof flashings to over 150 school children from the Yorkshire area. All had the chance to get involved with the installation process. Also IBIS gave a graphical presentation of lead welding

Additionaly the pupils were told about the importance of lead craft in our heritage.

The display proved to be very popular with the schools and with National Trust visitors alike (inspite of the rain!). Many pupils expressed an interest in continuing further and were provided with Lead Contractors Association information packs.

If you are interested in a career in this exciting field then contact the Lead Contractors Association for more information


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