Monday, June 16, 2008

Saint Andrew's

Saint Andrew's, Blackley

IBIS Roofing have recently completed some work at Saint Andrew's in Blackley. Situated within a conservation area, the site is a wonderful amalgamation of church, parish hall, and rectory - all linked by a corridor. Built in the latter half of the C19th there are some wonderful detailed touches to the roof including patterned and coloured slates.

"The site is a wonderful amalgamation of church, parish hall and rectory."

IBIS were asked to provide guidance on the refurbishment of the parish hall and also carry out some diagnostic work on a leak in the south aisle. The resulting work included a full refurbishment of the parish hall;

a strip back diagnostic of the south aisle;

a full refurbishment of an outbuilding;

and replacement of flashings to the west end parapet gable.

A conservation plan was produced which took on board the special nature of the buildings including advice on protecting the decorative details and preserving as much of the original fabric as possible.

The conservation plan was fed into the site management process to ensure that all were aware of the issues with such a sensitive historic building.

It was decided to split the project up into different phases and phase the scaffolding accordingly so as to reduce the risk of vandalism. IBIS ensured that an assessment of fixing places for the scaffolding allowed for minimum intervention and did not damage the integrity of the building in any way. Yellow end caps were used on all posts facing the facade and Harris fencing was used around the bottom of the scaffolding.

IBIS ensure that their personnel have an understanding of the historic nature of the building prior to work start and therefore they 'connect' with the project.

Mark Holden and Rick Morgan measure out lines for striking the perpendiculars

The project was an outstanding success which finished on time and within specification.

The Parish Hall complete with new roof

Saint Andrew's is a wonderful example of late Victorian architecture

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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

IBIS Heritage Roofing

Here is our latest poster for IBIS - focusing on traditional lead work and the craft of slating.

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Blackpool Rocks!

Take your attention away from the bright lights of the promenade and walk through the hinterland of Blackpool and you are in for a rich architectural experience. There is a wonderful variety of Victorian and Edwardian architecture all vying aesthetically for your attention.

Common features abound. One such feature are the corner turrets and domes which can be seen often along the streetscape.

IBIS were asked to replace the ageing lead on such a dome in the south of the town. The owner was very pragmatic and had an understanding of the significance of the dome and its relationship with lead sheet metal. Some think that it might have been easier to replace the lead with a felt or bituminous substance and of course, the initial cost might support this idea. But, and it is a big BUT - the long term cost of covering the roof in lead sheet metal is much cheaper. This is because the owner can now probably forget about the roof for the rest of his life! If a cheaper substitute had been used then it would have required replacing every few years or so.

On top of this the owner has the satisfaction of helping raise the architectural quality of the streetscape and constantly has in view the sheer beauty of lead sheet metal. It sets the building apart and continues a historic tradition which is second to none.

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Tuesday, October 17, 2006

A home for the workers

Tabblo: Home for the Workers

There is a place which is a transient space. Up top of the scaffolding floats like a crows nest a home to the workers on the dome of the mosque. .... continued

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Tools Of The Trade

Here are some of the tools of the trade - for lead sheet work that is.

From top left we have a drum mallet, bossing mallet (egg shaped), chase wedge, snips, seaming pliers, drum mallet (rubber), bending stick, setting-in-stick and flat dresser.

This image was taken at the Heritage Skills Weekend at Fountain's Abbey, Yorkshire.

IBIS at Heritage Skills Weekend

IBIS (along with North West Lead) took part in a Heritage Skills Weekend at Fountains Abbey in Yorkshire.

The event was organised by the National Heritage Training Group. IBIS were there on behalf of the Lead Contractors Association who campaign endlessly for raising the training, standards and awareness of lead craftmanship throughout the country.

Over the weekend IBIS gave demonstrations of lead bossing and installation of roof flashings to over 150 school children from the Yorkshire area. All had the chance to get involved with the installation process. Also IBIS gave a graphical presentation of lead welding

Additionaly the pupils were told about the importance of lead craft in our heritage.

The display proved to be very popular with the schools and with National Trust visitors alike (inspite of the rain!). Many pupils expressed an interest in continuing further and were provided with Lead Contractors Association information packs.

If you are interested in a career in this exciting field then contact the Lead Contractors Association for more information

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Out Surveying

Even before we tender for a job it is part of IBIS Roofing's philosophy to get to know the site and the people behind the work. Yesterday we visited the Mosque at Keighley again to review the original dome in light of the new work required for the new dome. Attention to details is the key issue here and all existing window flashings, vents and clamshell details were reviewed and photographed to help us have a more informed understanding as to what is required.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Lead Contractors Association

IBIS are members of the Lead Contractors Association and yesterday we had the regular inspection of our work by David Ferguson.

He visited a range of sites over the North West and we are glad to report that he was satisfied that we are maintaining standards. Great News! David also visited the site shown in the photo above at Titanic Mills near Huddersfield which is almost complete and involved the installation of a bespoke ridge section, vents and flashings.


Bob Wall and our Lead Craftsman Andy Livesey were out surveying a project for a new dome to a Mosque in Keighley yesterday. This is a photo of the existing dome. The new dome is larger and will also be covered in lead sheeting.

Monday, March 27, 2006

Lead Craftsmanship

IBIS is proud to have a strong team of lead craftsmen - here is a link to an article about our own Andy Livesey with photographs of the lead burning process. Construction techniques seem to be moving back to the traditional crafts. New and contemporary architecture is also using in abundance traditional materials.